What We Do

   There is an Indian story about a tiger who has grown up with goats from birth. He bleats like a goat, eats like a goat, smells like a goat and is convinced that he is a goat. One day an old tiger attacks the herd and kills one of the goats. All the others flee except for the young tiger who stays. He smells no danger so is not afraid.
      The old tiger can’t understand why this tiger behaves like a goat. Frustrated he pushes a piece of goat meat into its mouth. The tiger gags but is forced to swallow it. The old tiger pushes a second piece into its mouth. This time the tiger tastes the fresh blood, eats the newly killed meat, stretching to its full size and, for the first time in its life, it roars as a tiger. Then together with the old tiger and young tiger disappear into the jungle.

 This roar has been called the ‘roar of awakening.’ 

On a symbolic level the story alludes to how we are all brought up or raised to think, feel and act in ways that do not fully reflect who we are.  We assume that the self we know as ‘I’ or ‘me’ is the only self. It is the only one that we know, but it is not the whole of us by any means.
      We are all identified to some extent with habitual ways of thinking, feeling, moving, acting and interacting, which is most often more limited than it needs to be. We can all experience a broader identity, more freedom of choice and more awareness. This is the development of an aware ego. 

     We help you roar (metaphorically speaking)

     We help you to develop more awareness in your actions in your daily life activities, in your relationships and of your own body movements and reactions. As we work together to develop your latent capacities, you will expand the range of possibilities in all that you do. You will be able to use this greater range of abilities to live your life more fully and creatively.

    This is capacity building at a fundamental level.

There are many different ways to ignite this transformation. For more information click How We Do It.