Professional Development and Coaching

We all have an in-built movement in our psyche towards healing and wholeness. Our therapeutic and self discovery work supports the wisdom of this part to come forward and direct our healing journey. 

 We offer experiential programs that allow you to better understand the dynamics of personal growth and counselling approaches while developing and enhancing skills and techniques to support your clients.

Though our programs you will learn invitational, self-discovery approaches that encourage insights and change your clients from within. The methods and attitudes you acquire are client-centered and allow for deep healing by involving the mind, the body and the emotions in a context of respect for each individual’s unique development.

You will:

Develop an understanding of the theory underpinning patterns of development.

Understand the psychological, somatic and expressive dimensions of clients’ behaviour.

Gain insights about impacts on lifetime development of early childhood experiences.

Learn to respond in a positive and flexible manner to change and uncertainty.

Be able to share information and bring your new skills and techniques to support others and assist them to adapt.

Engage in professional conversations and reflection.

Enhance your delivery of individual and small group counselling programs, focusing on increasing clients’ self-awareness and adaptive capacity.

Become mindful to work through processes, holding the tension, and resisting jumping to solutions too soon.

Continue your journey as a life-long learner. 

Maintain a humanistic perspective, balancing time for people with systems imperatives.

We are looking forward to sharing the techniques involved in our approaches with you.