Individual and Relationship Counselling

‘LIfe moves when we do’

      The essence of our approach is that we work with the people not problems. Difficulties seem insurmountable when we act habitually and they often are. The source of the intractability is acting ‘absent-mindedly’. As life changes and the environment changes our habits become less successful. In relationships habits take the from of interacting in a fixed way, often involving judgement and withdrawal.
      The common-to-all part of our counselling approach is supporting people to separate from exclusive use of habitual behaviours, access hidden parts of their potential , and inegrate old pattens and bew possibilities intelligently.
      But one size does not fit all. Every individual and couple has a unique life experience and so requires a unique approach. That is why we offer a range of approaches – movement, psycho-spiritual and expressive, and shape them specifically for each person and couple.
      When we apply this approach to relationships the key idea is relationship is the teacher. We help couples or business partners or parents and childen and other relationships too to communicate more easily so they can decide how to change their relationship.