Voice Dialogue

      I am one person at work, another person with my grandchildren, another person when the police stop me, and so on. The names are in the language: the pleaser, the pusher, the critic, the inner child, and so on. These are the multiple forms our habits take when viewed from a psychological perspective. This is obscured by calling them all ‘I’ when it is clear they are all different. Each of us is plural not singular. In addition to the set of selves which comprise our idenity there is another set we just don’t know about or don’t ‘own’. They are called disowned selves.
      The purpose of Voice Dialogue is to assist a person develop an Aware Ego Process, the ability to embrace both sides, get parts to show up when they are needed and make conscious choices rather than habitual ones. It does this by enabling a person to separate their identity from these parts. or selves, allowing the identity to broaden. An approach that allows a respectful appreciation of inner diversity, recognises the importance of connection and sensitivity and has an overarching place for awareness is a boon in the modern age.
      Voice Dialogue makes major contributions to every area of life – work, finance, health, fitness, spiritual development and relating. There is no more exciting application of Voice Dialogue than to relating, an area of life shrouded in mystery and sometimes misery. It is a wonderful method for self-exploration and self-development whether you want to understand a compulsion to overwork that will just not go away, an addiction that seem crazy, a relationship breakdown, or a spiritual awakening that leaves you high and eventually dry. The benefits from this shift are an increased ability to live freely, joyfully and creatively, and a willingness to change elegantly, sinuously and with less resistance.