KRAIKI (feldenKRais plus AIKIdo) is an innovative combination of AIKIDO and the Feldenkrais Method. Aikido is a martial art that embodies the principle of harmonious and effective action. Through the practice of the art we ourselves begin to embody that principle.

KRAIKI allows you to:

  • Increase health and fitness
  • Regain movement you thought was a thing of the past
  • Rekindle your development if you have plateaued
  • Improve your knowledge and skill at the martial art you are practising
  • Combat the diseases of modern life

      This is accomplished using the solo sequences of Awareness Through Movement, one of the forms of the Feldenkrais Method, and the paired practices of Aikido. Movements you may not have attempted for some time are introduced in a graduated way that gives great optimism and vitality. The insights from these movements are taken into AIkido, which becomes more pleasant, harmonious and easier to learn.
      Fitness is not a prerequisite; the classes are a significant step in developing a sustainable fitness regime. What is needed is curiosity and a willingness to step outside conventional views of strength, fitness and effectiveness.