How We Do It

One size does NOT fit all, and not everyone responds to one particular style of personal growth work. A range is needed. The range of self-discovery approaches we use to support your own Awareness In Action can be put into three categories:

Movement Practices

     Feldenkrais Method


Creative Counselling Practices

     Voice Dialogue 

      Sand Tray

      Symbol Work

     Interactive Drawing Therapy


     Professional Development and Coaching

    Individual and Relationship Counselling

All of these practices move beyond analysis and thinking to influence the core of our habitual thinking, feeling and acting. This holistic way of working involves more than ‘just talking about the problem’.

The approaches enable you to stand between opposites, develop more awareness and and have more possibilities in your daily life: relationships, work, finance and health.

As we work together to build your capacities, you will be able to live your life more fully and creatively.