Mindful Movement

Man massaging a women
  • As you watch the video you will see people exploring innovative movement in an elegant, thoughtful way. You can see the quality of attention it is possible to bring to bear  and the joy, pleasure and elegance of movement that becomes possible.

  • At the Awareness In Action Academy you will learn to move easily, comfortably, pleasurably and without pain, the way babies learn, with curiosity and exploration not exercise and repetition.

  • If you think that ageing leads inevitably to pain and  discomfort or that exercise must be uncomfortable you’ll find out that is wrong. There is no limit to improvement and it is never too late to start.

  • There are two forms of the Feldenkrais Method, a verbally guided form called Awareness Through Movement, and a form called Functional Integration, using informative touch. We offer both approaches at the Awareness in Action Academy. To find out more contact us or go to the events page for class and workshop times.