Develop your Aware Ego Process through Awareness in Action

What We Do

Everybody has difficulties and challenges in life. You can learn how to use life’s challenges as a source of change and growth. When you tap into more of your potential it becomes easier to navigate your way through life by making choices that suit you rather than operating out of your habits.

Our self-discovery approach has four components: Awareness Through Movement, Voice Dialogue, Expressive Therapies and Working with Children, which integrate moving, thinking, feeling and intuition into an inclusive approach to consciousness so you can act in the world with more joy, freedom and creativity.

This work has been used by:

  • individuals for their own personal growth and to resolve challenges in health, relationships, work or money;
  • couples in their relationship with each other and their children;
  • professionals in the fields of counselling, guidance, life coaching, business and organisational consultancy, martial arts and other movement methods;
  • others to increase the effectiveness of programs they are following such as professional development, fitness, bodywork, meditation and weight loss.

The hummingbird feeding on nectar is a potent symbol of our work. Hummingbirds can reorganise at will, moving in any direction: up and down, left and right, forward and back. Yes, they fly backwards. They can even fly upside down for a while! It helps if they want to put their claws between themselves and another bird above them. These options give them the ability to hover perfectly, their beaks in the flower, achieving their purpose with extraordinary elegance.

Humans too can be agile in all areas of life.