Our Story

      Eric Kiernan PhD and Gloria Bella MEDC are a married couple with decades of experience in human transformation, their own and supporting others. 

      When Eric and Gloria became life partners the Hummingbird Dojo and the Possibilities Counselling and Training Centre joined forces to bring you the Awareness in Action Academy.
      The hummingbird feeding on nectar is a potent symbol of our work. Hummingbirds can reorganise at will, moving in any direction: up and down, left and right, forward and back. Yes, they fly backwards. They can even fly upside down for a while! It helps if they want to put their claws between themselves and another bird above them. These options give them the ability to hover perfectly, their beaks in the flower, achieving their purpose with extraordinary elegance. 
      Humans too can develop this kind of agility and we support clients in developing it.

Eric Kiernan

      Eric studies and offers Voice Dialogue, the Feldenkrais Method and KRAIKI to individuals, couples and organisations. Eric had earier careers as an academic economist and organisational consultant. 
      This unique combination blends the rigours of an academic approach with his immersion in psycho-spiritual and somatic approaches, allowing him to offer his work to a wide range of people.

Gloria Bella

      Gloria has had a long career in private counselling, workshop facilitation and in the educational system, specialising in working with students who experience difficulties navigating their school and/or home life, and working with their families.
      Her training has included many areas of counselling methodology, including Jungian psychology, CBT, Sandplay, symbol Work, Expressive Therapies, Interactive Drawing Therapy and the Feldenkrais Method, among others. 
      Gloria describes her “Self Discovery Counselling Approach” as eclectic. Drawing on every area of her study and life experience she allows clients to move beyond failing stimulus-response patterns to express their avowed and unavowed dreams.