About Us

We have been developing our integrated approach based on a wide range of skills and experience for thirty years. We offer the activities we have built our lives on and use ourselves on a daily basis. 

Gloria and Eric

Eric Kiernan PhD CFP and Gloria Bella MEDC CFP

We are a married couple with decades of experience in transformational work for ourselves and in supporting others. We work together and individually within an integrated approach; with Eric’s expertise in Voice Dialogue and Gloria’s in Expressive Therapies, we also both have extensive counselling training and skills in the Feldenkrais Method. All of this combines to form a comprehensive and cohesive approach to all that we do.

Eric Kiernan PhD CFP

Eric had earier careers as an academic economist and organisational consultant. Blending the rigours of an academic approach with psycho-spiritual and somatic approaches allows him to offer his work to a wide range of people. Eric’s passion is exploring the common basis of many seemingly different approaches. Once you get the underlying approach you have a method for your whole life.

Gloria Bella MEDC CFP

Gloria has worked for more than thirty years both privately and in the educational system with a wide range of people and issues. As a teacher and a guidance officer she has specialized in counselling with children of all ages who experience difficulties navigating their school and/or home life, and in working with their families.

Gloria draw on every area of her extensive study and life experience. Her work allows clients to move beyond their stimulus-response patterns to understanding themselves in order to be able to express their avowed and unavowed dreams.