Singing Gorilla Rolls Its Head Part 1

How strong is a full grown silverback male gorilla who would win a fight, a  man or the silverback gorilla? - Quora

When we examine through movment how our culture and childhood limit our options in life a very common picture emerges. We hold and stiffen our rib cage and hold up our shoulders. This configuration means: we can’t use the ground to skeleton to support movement so we suffer aches, pains, injuries and accidents. But more important the configuration hints that we are still hanging on to the burden of our upbringing. Our muscles literally hang on to bones and prevent movement.

When we can let go and stop hanging on we access more of our potential. In our movement we get ease and options. Our head does not fall off!

This morning we started the process of letting go the unnecessary constraints on movement which allows our heads to roll with ease. The easy movement is a sign that the limitations we have held on to for so long are starting to diminish.

Next week we’ll use the easy rolling of the head to monitor how to make other movements like sitting on a chair easier and easier.