Welcome to Awareness In Action Academy

      Transform your life through Awareness in Action. When you have ways to tap into your strengths and understand your difficulties it becomes easier to navigate your way through life. Our self-discovery approach has three components: Awareness Through Movement, Voice Dialogue, and Creative Practices, which integrate moving, thinking, feeling and intuition so you can act in the world with more joy, freedom and creativity.
      Our approach applies equally whether you are being held up in matters of health, relationship, work or money or are spontaneously fascinated by individual development.
      This wraparound model is offered to groups and individuals.  We support:

  • Individuals for their own personal growth;
  • People whose relationships are unfulfilling;
  • People who are frustrated that their plans are not coming to fruition;
  • People who want to increase the effectiveness of programs they are following; such as professional development, fitness, bodywork, meditation and weight loss;
  • Professionals in many fields – Feldenkrais Method, counselling, guidance, life coaching, organisational consultancy, coaching and management; martial artists and other movement artists whose development has plateaued.